In The Barnyard Euchre Deck

This packaging project was extremely exciting and complex. Compared to the traditional playing card box, I designed packaging in the shape of a barn for my euchre deck. I created the die file for the box and completed the production. Challenging the typical packaging standards provided a unique opportunity for me to find a creative solution to make my theme pop. The characters on the cards are all animals you may see in or around the barnyard. The animal personalities and symbols were specifically chosen to represent the traditional card icons in a clever way. Euchre often uses a lot of farming slang to communicate different moments in the game. Phrases like, "In the barn," "Milk the cow," and "Churn the butter" are examples of this game-talk. This deck is so much fun to actually play with because the graphics are meaningful and cohesive without being too unfamiliar to players that are used to traditional playing cards.