Growing up in midwestern Ohio with a large immediate family has its perks, even if I took them for granted when I was young. I understand now the benefits of good-natured teasing, long vacation car rides all over the US, and juggling many distinct personalities. I've learned to listen before talking, but my mind never stops trying to figure everything out.

My father definitely passed on his analytical nature to me while my mother gave me her desire to patiently teach those wanting to learn. These aspects heavily play out in both my design and artwork. While many designers cringe at critique, those are often some of my favorite parts of my projects. My goal is to help people reach their goals in a distinct and creative way. 

Other interests: growing closer to my God and savior; doing life with my husband and son; understanding how art and life mix; experiencing the wind; being outside; cooking; enjoying my siblings, nieces, and nephews; singing; driving; watching good movies; taking road trips; riding roller coasters and visiting any type of museum, aquarium, or zoo. There are just so many things... I could go on forever. 

Some recent snapshots from instagram